Kimberly Flanagan​​​​​

The Complete Acai Bowl



Acai Smoothie Bowl
🍓1 Cup Water
🍓1 Cup Strawberries
🍓1/2 Cup Blueberries
🍓1 Large Banana
🍓1 Frozen Acai Packet (My favorite      are the unsweetened packets        from Trader Joes)
🍓2 Cups Spinach

🍓 Banana, sliced
🍓 Almond slices
🍓 Coconut, shredded
🍓 Apple chunks
🍓 Grapes, sliced
🍓 Granola of choice
🍓 Agave Nectar

🍽 Blend smoothie ingredients until well blended!
Tip: Start by blending water and spinach first to be sure it's well blended.     

🍽 Add Toppings! (Please feel free to adjust this to your            taste!) 

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Inspired by this beauty here! Farm Fresh Bowls makes absolutely amazing Acai Bowls! YUM!
Recipe Video​​
Come see another acai bowl variation here! There is no wrong way to make an acai bowl!