Kimberly Flanagan​​​​​

Peanut Lettuce Wraps



🍴1 brick of tofu, extra firm,                chopped
🍴3/4 cup water chestnuts,                  chopped
🍴Asparagus, chopped
🍴1 Red Onion, chopped
🍴1 Zucchini, chopped
🍴1 cup Sugar Snap Peas, chopped
🍴1 head of romaine hearts

Peanut Sauce
🍴3-4 tbsp powdered peanut              butter
🍴1/2 cup water
🍴1 tbsp coconut aminos 
🍴1 tsp garlic powder
🍴Pepper to taste
🍴1/8 cup peanuts, chopped (optional) 

🍽 Prepare all base ingredients by chopping ingredients all        similar in size.
🍽 Add ALL veggies to large wok at medium high heat
🍽 Cook through until softened
🍽 Add tofu and continue to cook through
🍽 Prepare Peanut Sauce
🍽 Once veggie & tofu mixture is cooked through add sauce        and heat through
🍽 Pull apart each romaine leaf and spoon mixture into            lettuce
🍽 Sprinkle with chopped peanuts if using

Recipe Video​​
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