Kimberly Flanagan​​​​​

Spicy Jackfruit Quesadillas



🥄 2 tortillas
🥄 1 can of Jackfruit, shredded
🥄 1/2 cup black beans, mashed
🥄 1/4 cup hummus
🥄 1 handful of spinach
🥄 1 tbsp onion powder
🥄 1 tbsp chili powder
🥄 1 tbsp garlic powder
🥄 1/4 cup veggie broth

(I highly recommend using the canned Jackfruit soaked in Brine from Trader Joes) 

🍽 Rinse Jackfruit to remove excess sodium.
🍽 Shred until a "pulled meat" consistency is created. Highly      recommend the Salsa Scissors!
🍽 Add Jackfruit to skillet pan with seasonings and broth.
🍽 Heat through until well combined.  
🍽 Spread hummus on EACH tortilla. (This will act as your "cheese" and help keep it together) 
🍽 Add Beans, Spinach & Jackfruit to one side and place your other tortilla over top.
🍽 Cook Quesadilla on medium-low heat until desired consistency! 
🍽 Slice & Enjoy!!  
🍽 Serve with a side of salsa and/or vegan sour cream! YUM!

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Recipe Video​​
Come see how to make this quick & easy lunch in action!