Kimberly Flanagan​​​​​

Skull Platter



🥒 Kale
🥒 Carrots
🥒 Cauliflower
🥒 Broccoli
🥒 Cucumber
🥒 Cherry Tomatoes
🥒 Radishes
🥒 Chives
🥒 Bell Peppers

​​🍽 There really is no exact recipe here! But I do have some tips!

🍽 Start by making the base of your tray covered with Kale leaves! This really helps fill in empty space and also helps the veggies from falling!

🍽 Cut your Cauliflower in half. One half will be the top of the skull. The rest can be pieces together to create the completed look of the skull! 

🍽 Cut the tops of the bell peppers and hollow out so you can fill with a veggie dip of your choice! 

🍽 Fill the rest with veggies all different shapes & sizes! 

Recipe Video​​
Come see this in action!