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Grocery Planning

Below you will find nothing but VEGAN friendly recipes for all your cravings! It's important to me that I share with you how great vegan friendly foods are! You won't be disappointed! 
Salt Free. Oil Free. Sugar Free. Majority of my recipes fall into this category! When eating foods in their whole form we get the nutrition we need without ADDING these ingredients! ​​
Eating well begins with what we bring into our homes. If we don't start clean it's impossible to end clean. Below I will include grocery tips, downloadable lists, & more to give some inspiration! 




End your day just as you started it! I think dinner is a very important meal. It's the meal I now look at as "What did I miss today" - Here are some great nutritious packed meal ideas! 
Start your day right! I believe one of the best ways to stay on track is to start right! Here are some great quick & easy breakfast ideas! 
Don't skip lunch! It's easy to get wrapped up in your day! Always take the time to prepare a great mid day meal full of fuel to keep you thriving!




Sometimes we need a little pick me up! It doesn't have to be out of a bag! Find some great healthy snack options here!
Let's Face It! Sometimes the sweet tooth calls us!! It doesn't mean you can't indulge & still be healthy! Try out some of these recipes! 
Think GREEN! There are so many great juices & smoothies that can come packed with great vitamins! Check out some of these delicious thirst quenchers!

Meal Prepping

Special Occasions

Food Prepping.. probably the biggest key to staying on track! Here you will find some great WEEKLY meal & food prep ideas! 
Whether it's a holiday party or one of your own! Get creative in the kitchen! 
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Latest Food Obsession...

Matcha Tea

I am so glad I have been introduced to the Matcha tea world! I was on the late show! It is incredible! Such a great flavor with a slight sweetness! The Matcha Reserve offers incredible flavored Matcha too!  Check them out here
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The Scoop On Organic
I think consuming the best quality ingredients when possible is so important. I have this theory of "Why eat clean unless you are really eating CLEAN!" 
This year especially, my focus has really shifted in buying organic whenever possible. Although organic options may cost a bit more, I am refraining from buying a lot of "junk" that I would have before. For me, I am actually spending less in total than I once did by keeping my foods primarily fresh and not the kinds that can sit on a shelf for months. So now I am not only saving money but I'm also doing my body a favor!
However, when it comes to buying organic, unfortunately it just isn't always readily available. Again, it's not about perfection. It all comes down to the more we know the better we do! Just do your best! Here is the "Dirty Dozen" & "Clean Fifteen" list!! 

"Dirty Dozen"

"Clean Fifteen"

When Possible, Buy organic on these items!           
   ✧ Strawberries      ✧ Celery
   ✧ Pears                    ✧ Cherries
   ✧ Apples                  ✧ Peaches
   ✧ Grapes                 ✧ Bell Peppers
   ✧ Spinach              ✧ Nectarines/Peaches
   ✧ Tomatoes            ✧ Cucumbers
   ✧ Potatoes             ✧ Lettuce

Not as necessary to buy organic!        

✧ Sweet Corn            ✧ Avocados
 ✧ Pineapples            ✧ Cabbage
 ✧ Onions                  ✧ Sweet Peas, frozen
 ✧ Papayas                 ✧ Asparagus
 ✧ Mangoes                ✧ Eggplant
 ✧ Honeydew Melon  ✧ Kiwi
 ✧ Cantaloupe           ✧ Cauliflower
 ✧ Grapefruit
The "Dirty Dozen" & "Clean 15" List is from
feel free to download & print these to use!
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