Kimberly Flanagan​​​​​

Basic Food Prep



🥒 Bell Peppers
🥒 Zucchini
🥒 Mushrooms
🥒 Sweet Potatoes
🥒 Green Onions
🥒 Broccoli
🥒 Carrots
🥒 Oranges
🥒 Raspberries
🥒 Blueberries

​​🍽 I think this is such a great way to store your veggies for the week! What I like to do is fill my party tray with different sized veggies too! I make some of my carrots chopped, while others are shredded. Depending on my recipes for the week I can grab what I need! Do this with what is going to be best for your planned dishes! 

Make sure all veggies are cleaned before preparing so you don't have to worry about that part throughout the week!

Add a dry paper towel folded to fit each section before putting fruit or veggies onto platter - this will help absord any moisture from the veggies! 

I use TWO party trays when I do this! One for veggies and one for fruit! 

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Party Platter I Use

Recipe Video​​
Come see how I prep my veggies for the week!