Kimberly Flanagan​​​​​

Air Fryed Summer Rolls



🥄 4 rice paper sheets
🥄 2 cups broccoli, shredded
🥄 1 cup carrots, shredded
🥄 Dipping Sauce of Choice

(I highly recommend using the broccoli slaw from Trader Joes) 

🍽 Submerge rice paper sheet one at a time on plate with        water. Let sit for 1-2 minutes. 
🍽 Remove and lay flat on board.
🍽 Fill with Broccoli & carrot blend.
🍽 Roll up like you would a burrito.
🍽 Once all are rolled place into Air Fryer tray ( try to make        sure they are not touching eachother - they tend to              stick!) 
🍽 Set Air Fryer to 300° for 5-7 minutes (You can do longer if      you want even crispier!)
🍽 Remove and Serve with favorite dipping sauce! 

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Recipe Video​​
Come see how to make this quick & easy lunch in action!