Kimberly Flanagan​​​​​
Hi! My name is Kimberly if you didn't catch that already! I was born and raised in Fresno, CA. Now at the age of 33 I can say I have lived here my entire life; a true California Girl you could say! I met the love of my life at just 17 years old & married at 19! I guess you could say I've always been someone who knows what they want! I have a Bachelors Degree from California State University of Fresno in Psychology & Criminology. I have always had a passion to help people.  We had our first and only child, a handsome boy, when I was 24 years old. My life has always been go go go! 

I am a proud Wife, Mother, & Daughter. I have been a Stay At Home Mom & Housewife since our son came into this world. I take a lot of pride in that title. As our son has grown it became time that I revive my personal passions. Food, Beauty & Organization! YouTube is where I get to share all my passions, ideas & personal journey. After living many years with health not being a forefront it was time to make a change. I am now a proud Vegan who is still learning everyday about the lifestyle. It's incredible what you can learn about food, ethics & lifestyle when you dive in.

I have been an animal lover for as long as I can remember. There was no animal I didn't adore. (Ok Ok, maybe a few not so much!)  I always felt like I was a "Farm Girl" who just happened to live in the city! As a wife and mother my interests today are healthy living, beauty, & interior design. My love for animals has never changed and today we have a pretty large "Family"! 
Why I Eat The Way I Do

It's not a diet, it's a Lifestyle...

We've all heard it... more than we probably even want to, but the truth is; it is. 
It's important to treat our bodies well. We only have the one! The more & more we learn about food & it's effects on our bodies the more we are then able to take that knowledge & change some things! And it doesn't have to be scary!

I know I know, VEGAN... the word comes with such controversy. "Isn't it extreme?!" "How can you still have a balanced diet?!" "I could never give up cheese!" "We NEED meat!" Let me just say.... not really all that long ago I was saying the same things! And if you are still saying those things, don't worry, I still love you! It's really tough to change our thoughts that have been a certain way for so long! But this is why it's so important to LEARN! KEEP LEARNING!! 

I had an epiphany when failing on many previous "diets". They worked... until they didn't. With that said, I don't think being vegan in itself makes you "healthy". I do however, think eating truly WHOLE PLANT BASED foods does! And the cool part is, when you do that, you have already made the biggest step to being vegan! When you commit to eating plant based foods your body does change. It heals. It thanks you. 

This was one of my biggest fears going into this lifestyle. How am I going to eat at restaurants? Can you even "cook" anymore?! Will people want my "vegan food"?! Luckily, this really isn't the case! I LOVE the food I eat! I won't lie to you and tell you it was that way from day one. It takes time for your taste buds to change, your body & brain to recognize what you are doing, but it will. You will truly taste the true flavor in foods you used to pass off as "bland". Promise. 

I am a true believer and always have been in "Trying New Things". And when you realize the worst thing that could happen is that you could possibly "fail" at something you may have never tried anyway, how bad could that "fail" really be? The truth is, many do. I did too. I've messed up. It's hard changing everything you thought you always knew to be true. We are only human. But, with that said, we are humans with a yearning to learn more. Take the experience of eating a different way than you ever thought you could and learn. Dive In. Research It. Don't put on blinders to what you uncover. When we KNOW better, we DO better. It truly can change your LIFE! AND, I'm here to help!! Come take the journey with me!

Why Vegan....

No, but really... Why Vegan..

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